Finaly I Blog

  Good day to you my people! Yep I am late on my first blog.We did the big move on the first and as Uncle Ray would say “it’s all but finished”. This is my very first blog post. Hopefully it gets better. I haven’t done any writing since high school and that was a long time ago. 

        I was spending most of 2020 trying to figure out how we were going to have a wedding in 2022, but Jimmy just couldn’t wait that long and I couldn’t really think of a good reason to, so here we are figuring out how to get married and share it with all of out loved ones and our most favorite of people. We are very lucky in the fact that we have some amazing and talented friends. The 13people that will be joining us on our special day are the people who have been a part of our relationship from the beginning. The lucky ones that have witnessed our love bloom.

        Jeff is the brains of the operation, he is the one that set up this awesome webpage and is also going to be the one that makes it possible for all of you to be a part of our wedding. Then we’ve got the band!!!!! Beards II Men is not only an amazing band but they are amazing people. We’ve got Collin Hogan and Brian Link who found us an amazing venu with all the equipment we need to make this social distancing virtual Wedding a reality. Also in the band My brothers from other mothers we’ve got Small Bunyon, Masta Kwilla and Chao! The band formed shortly before I met Jimmy, I still remember the first time I saw Jimmy sing. Not going to lie, a big part of me agreeing to do this last minute wedding thing is because I get to dance to Beardz II Men angin. Back on track Kris (my son) will be witness #1 and Stephanie (My best friend) shall be witness # 2 and her husband Dan audience member 1. Our officiant will be Sexy Jesus (Jimmy’s room mate for the first year we were together)and we have audience member 2 well be Lumbus (My former arch nemesis until he realized how awesome I am), our photographer James and his lovely wife will be audience member 3. 

         That covers the people now let’s talk about what is going to happen on April 1st. We are still brainstorming a lot of stuff. No this is not going to be a typical wedding but this is not a typical time and well, Jimmy and I aren’t typical people. Right now the plan we are working with is @ 2 pm PST( 4pm Oklahoma 5pm Virginia) you will find a link, on this website, to the Virtual Wedding.The Colin Trio will play a few songs to set the mood at 2:30pm Jimmy and I will be dancing down the aisle ,we are  writing our own vows so be prepared to laugh and cry. Good thing you will be in the privacy of your home so no one can see your cry face. Then we will do some dancing and eat some cake regular wedding stuff. That is when the party gets started, Beardz II Men ( minas Jimmy) will take you back to the 90’s with some hip hop and R&b covers. After we take care of all the wedding stuff Jimmy will join the band and remind me why I fell in love with him. We will close the night off with Masta Kwilla spinnin his sick beets. We should be wrapping up by 5pm PST

         How can you be a part of our celebration? We would love to see your faces! Please send us a video of yourselves, Introduce yourself how you know us, how much you love us, how happy you are that two weirdos like us could find each other. Jimmy is working on a way to post videos so that everyone can still “meet” even though we have to stay apart. If you would prefer we not share your video that’s fine we will keep it to ourselves,but we would still love to see and hear you. I am also working on how to put your faces in the audience at the theater you can email us a headshot to and I will print them out and your face will be in a seat

         I Think that is everything for now. If you have any questions or ideas let us know.